8 Signs You Had a Good Workout

3. How much fun you had

Sometimes we get so caught up in numbers that we forget that physical activity should be fun. “To make exercise stick as part of your lifestyle, you want to find something you enjoy,” Shapiro says. Rather than dreading your workout and hating every minute of it, you should look forward to it. You don’t have to love doing every single rep of burpees, but good workouts are ones you liked overall.

4. How much you engaged mentally

It can be fine to take a mental break while you exercise, like watching TV on the elliptical or planning dinner while you’re doing bench presses. But that can often lead to just a so-so workout. Focusing on the mental part of a workout can lead to a greater feeling of accomplishment, and it can lead to better results physically, too. Improving your mental strength can help you push harder and focus on using correct form, which can help you achieve more results in less time. Connecting to a workout mentally can also reinforce your commitment to working out, which ultimately helps you progress towards your goals, Shapiro says.

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