Beach Fitness Workout

Morning Workout Routine: 

1. 3 Way Lunges (backward, forward, side) x 10 on each side

2. Sumo Squats x 10 – make sure to maintain a wide stance with toes pointed out 45 degrees

3. Good Mornings x 10 – finished with short sprints

*Complete 2-3 sets for max results

You will be amazed by with the benefits you will receive when adding these exercises to your normal workout routine.  Incorporating the Kinetic Bands allows you to activate more muscles in your legs, hips, glutes, and lower core while increasing your cardio endurance. The resistance bands help target the areas you want to work on most, saves time, and you won’t believe the results you will see from adding this simple piece of functional equipment to any fitness workout!

Performing squats with resistance is an intense and explosive way to train the muscles to endure and become more powerful. Notice in this video how the Kinetic Bands are intensifying each exercise causing the muscles to react and contract during each movement. Building this type of muscle power increases strength and endurance while toning and firming the targeted areas. This is definitely the ultimate dynamic fitness workout that is sure to get your day started with energy and motivation!

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