Double Your Workout with a Fitness Buddy

Workout. The hardest part of it is right there in the word itself: work. When it comes to fitness, some of the most common reasons given for not doing it include:

A lack of time
A lack of motivation
No knowledge of how to start

And I get it! With any new commitment, there’s a bell curve of excitement. You start in the “I’ve got this!” phase, where you are all in, mentally and physically. For workouts, that means you get the equipment and the apparel, pay for gym or studio memberships, and start setting your alarm early every morning to go get your sweat on.

A few days or weeks in, that enthusiasm starts to wane. You’re tired. You’re sore. Maybe you’re not seeing results as quickly as you’d like. So you start to skip a workout or two. When you do go, you don’t put in a full effort, so you start to see diminishing returns.

Hopefully, something happens that pulls the curve back up. Otherwise, that curve is more like a steep drop-off that leaves you where you started (or worse), feeling disappointed and defeated.

Enter: partner workouts! They tackle all of the challenges of working out and then some.

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