10 Ways to beat running boredom

1. Run with a friend
Running should never be a wretched experience be fun, and running with a friend can definitely boost the fun factor. In fact having a running buddy might be better for brain health than running solo. Buddying up makes your run more social and stimulating. You can chat, take it in turns to set the pace and even make up your own games as you run. Running with a friend also exerts positive social pressure, as you’re less like to skip out on your run if someone is relying on you to turn up.

Tip: For a running partnership to be successful, you should be of a similar level of fitness, have similar running goals and be prepared to committed – no standing up your running buddy or turning up late for workouts!

2. Change your route
Running the same route over and over almost guarantees your workout will become boring with time. Rather than do the same old loop every time you run, look for new running routes and even drive to new areas to enjoy a change of scenery and stimulate your senses. Check out running websites for your local area, which will have tips from other runners about great running locations. No need to do a ton of legwork in seeking out new running routes if someone has already done all the hard work for you.

Tip: Look for different environments in which to run – for example, if you normally run on the roads, try off road routes. If you usually run on the flat, go for hillier terrain. Not only will changing running surface and terrain make your runs more interesting, it will also make you a better runner and challenge your body a different way.

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