10 Ways to beat running boredom

5. Meditate
Running can be incredibly meditative and provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy some quality “me” time. It’s also the ideal opportunity to do some actual meditating. Try to empty your mind and concentrate on nothing else but the sound of your breathing or your footfalls. It’ll take a little time to get the hang of it, but with practice you should find it easier to clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. Of course practice caution and only meditate when it is safe to do – so not while running through traffic!

6. Count
Counting is like watered-down meditation and helps take your mind off your run and discomfort by focusing it on something like your breathing or your footfall. Start counting your breaths and then try and coordinate your breathing with your footfalls – in for four and out for four for example. Do your best to maintain this rhythm as your run progresses – even as you begin to tire. Count up to 30, 50 or even 100 and then start over.

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