10 Ways to beat running boredom

3. Try a running training system
Most of us run at a steady pace for most of our workouts. This type of training is also called LSD which is short for Long Slow Distance. Steady pace running is an important part of running training but there are several other types of running, called training systems, that you can employ to make your runs even more productive and more interesting.

Fartlek involves mixing your speed randomly over the course of your run. You can walk, jog, run or sprint as you want – just mix it up and make it fun and interesting.
Interval training involves alternating periods of fast running with slow running or even walking. For example, run 880-yards as fast as you can and then walk 220-yards and repeat five times. You can also control your intervals using time rather than distance e.g. run hard for 90-seconds, jog for 90-seconds. Interval training takes less time than steady paced runs and will increase your top-end fitness and burn a lot more fat.
Tempo runs are like mini-races where you try to run as fast as you can over a specific distance or for a specific time. On a scale of one to ten, a tempo run should feel like a high eight or even a nine – you could go faster but you’d soon have to slow down or stop if you did. Like intervals, tempo runs increase your top-end fitness and workouts are generally shorter than for steady pace runs.

4. Listen to music
Providing it is safe to do so (consider traffic and other road users), listening to music can be both super motivating and provide proven distraction from the sometimes monotony of running. Exercising with music has been shown to make people exercise harder. Turn on, tune in and zone out as you run to the beat. If music isn’t your thing, you can also listen to podcasts, radio talk shows, radio plays, sports commentaries or audio books.

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