Summer Workout Style

Last, a note on shoes: It is likely that you will need to wash your shoes at some point during the summer, but whatever you do, don’t put your shoes into the clothes washing machine. The tumbling and heat will shorten the life of your expensive running shoes by months and can even warp them. Instead, remove the insoles, loosen and tuck the laces, and pull the tongues of the shoes back before putting your shoes in the top rack of your dishwasher. Turn off heated dry and run the dishwasher on the china or normal/light setting with little to no soap (the residual in the dishwasher should be plenty). Afterward, put them toe down in your bathroom or outside in a shady area to dry. Your gross shoes will look brand new!

The “school’s out for summer” feeling never really leaves us, and summer is the season for adults to play just as much as the kids. Make sure that your clothes can go the distance so that you can earn those rooftop drinks and prize-winning potluck dishes.


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