8 Tips for an awesome beach workout

Hydrate and avoid overheating. Working out on the beach in the sunshine and fresh air can make you dehydrated. Again, you might not notice because you’re working out hard and the sea breeze is keeping you cool. Exercising in the sun also means you risk becoming overheated. If possible, base your workout in spot with some shade and make sure you take periodic breaks from the sun so you can rehydrate; keep a supply of chilled hydrating fluids in a cooler and out of the sun.

Take extra care. Some activities work better on the beach than others. Because the sand shifts as you walk or run on it, very technical movements can become difficult and even potentially dangerous, so keep your workout relatively simple. If you’re running on the sand, remember that the camber of the beach. Running on a left to right slope places a lot of stress on the body, so be sure to pick a stretch of beach that is as flat as possible. Running on sand is way more challenging than running on a firmer surface, so when you return to running on roads or a treadmill it will feel seriously easy.

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