8 Tips for an awesome beach workout

Tide times and sea conditions. It’s tempting to skip the simple stuff, but check out what time the tide is coming in and sea conditions before you head out. It’ll not just save you the hassle of setting up your circuit workout markers too close to the water, but it’s the safe and sensible thing to do. A fast outgoing tide can mean that water-based activities are not a good idea as there is a danger of being washed out to sea. Even if you are a strong swimmer, make sure you consult local tide times and any on-duty lifeguards so that you know exactly what the sea is going to be doing during your workout. What’s more, after your workout you’re likely to be pretty tired, so don’t take any risks in your post-workout swim.

Travel light. You can get a great workout at the beach without any equipment by going for bodyweight exercises, running, and of course swimming. If you want to include some exercise equipment such as weights in your workout remember that you need to carry it from your car to the beach and back again. Schlepping all that heavy equipment under the glare of the sun, might just leave you tired and demotivated before you even start working out. Also, salt water, sand and ultraviolet light can play havoc with the condition of exercise equipment that was designed to be used indoors; weights can get rusty, medicine balls can become brittle and split, and resistance bands can degrade and break.

Instead of risking your exercise equipment, utilize nature’s bounty. Rather than weights, take a couple of buckets and fill them with sand or water. Instead of a medicine ball, use rocks or chunks of driftwood. Rather than use a gym mat, lie on a towel; the sand will be soft enough anyway. By using resources that are naturally available, you can save yourself a lot of effort carrying heavy kit to and from the beach to your car.

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