Do You Have a Healthy Gut?

What is your gut microbiome?

Your microbiome is made up of all the micro-organisms in and on your body, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Your intestines host the largest microbial community, known as your gut microbiome, which hosts 100 trillion micro-organisms. This short video does a phenomenal job of summing up the importance of the gut microbiome and all it does for us:

It’s no wonder that people refer to the gut as the “second brain;” there’s a lot going on in there! The brain and the gut communicate with one another constantly, which is just one reason why stress can directly affect your stomach. (Have you ever had a “nervous stomach?”) As the video describes, the balance of your gut microbiome can affect everything from inflammation to weight gain and even your mood. It’s clear to see that if we don’t take care of our gut health, the rest of our body takes a serious hit.

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