Do You Have a Healthy Gut?

How to heal your gut

Amidst all the murk surrounding the ongoing research and differing opinions about gut health, one fact is crystal clear: you can repair your gut health. Healing Leaky Gut and its mass of interlinked problems starts by accepting your body is whole—it’s connected for a reason—and should be treated as such. Start small, by making dietary changes. You should slowly incorporate more fermented foods into your diet, like kombucha or kefir. Balance your body with probiotics and gut-healing bone broth. And always consult with your doctor on ways to manage your symptoms and get back to feeling like your healthiest self. While our checklist below is by no means conclusive, if you checked any of the symptoms on the Leaky Gut Checklist, this should give you a sense of how to get started on your journey toward improved health!

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