Do You Have a Healthy Gut?

What happens when your gut is unhealthy?

Would you believe me if I said your intestines are more like a net than a wall? They are permeable, meant to allow the good nutrients to pass through and the bad toxins, microbes and undigested particles to remain in the gut and pass through as waste. But when we feed our intestines the wrong foods and treat them with stress and inactivity, they can’t function properly. Those toxins, microbes and particles escape the gut and sneak into the bloodstream, causing inflammation in the body that leads to what is known as “Leaky Gut.” If you have several symptoms of Leaky Gut below, you might want to talk to your doctor to see how you can start rebalancing your gut health

Dilemmas in diagnosing gut problems

  1. Sometimes gut problems come down to the chicken or the egg. Chronic illness and then leaky gut? Or leaky gut and then chronic illness? Ongoing research points to the latter, but many physicians will still adamantly ignore this.
  2. GI problems are vast. Most illnesses—colds, flus, stress, parasites, food allergies, diseases, leaky gut—all create similar GI problems. This makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact problem.
  3. Many physicians don’t try to find the root of the problem. They often look at the intestines as a singular entity, when in fact the intestines reflect our overall health in so many different ways. So many people are on medicines that treat the symptoms, yet they are still sick. That is why many of these people are turning to alternative, evidence-based medicine for help.
  4. Many people are confused as to why we need to take probiotics and steer clear of gluten when our ancestors “way back when” supposedly never had these problems. The answer is not simple, but to be as straightforward as possible I will summarize that the food we ate then is the not the same food we eat now, even if it goes by the same name. This especially goes for wheat. In today’s world, hardly any of our food is untainted by human interference.


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