Keeping a fitness journal

How to keep a fitness journal

A fitness journal doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or complicated – a simple notebook will suffice or you can use one of many online workout trackers and apps. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that using a fitness journal will give you a training edge and help you reach your fitness goals quicker than you ever thought possible.

Ways of keeping an exercise journal:

  • Paper: regular journal, exercise book, scrapbook, folder
  • Computer: Excel spreadsheet
  • Online: App, website, forum, personal blog

Your fitness journal should contain the workout you are about to do as well as your past workouts. Whatever you did last time, try and do a little more this time to push your fitness levels forward.

If you have been doing the same workout for more than eight-weeks or notice that your training progressions have stalled, it’s time to plan a new workout to kick yourself out of the training rut you are in. If you are still making progress, stick with the same (and currently effective) workout you are doing for a little while longer but be ready to change if progress comes to a halt.

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