Keeping a fitness journal

And a little extra…

There is some non-workout information that is valuable and worth recording. It can help you connect the dots between your lifestyle, exercise and how you’re feeling, helping you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

After all, exercise positively impacts many areas of our lives – often more than we ever imagined possible. Better sleep, improved mood, greater stamina, an improvement of chronic health conditions are often just few of the ‘side-effects’ of regular exercise. Keeping a record of the positive changes can be very motivational. But also, many of these same factors affect how hard we exercise or whether we exercise at all (e.g. sleep deprivation, fatigue, poor mood/ PMS, long shift at work). Keeping a record of this allows you to find patterns that are holding you back, and helps you to plan your workouts around things you know are going to impact your exercise performance or the will to exercise.

Extra non-workout information tor record:

  • Body weight (or body fat percentage)
  • Hours Slept
  • Appetite (good, average, poor)
  • Mood (good, average, poor)
  • Energy (good, average, poor)
  • Motivation (good, average, poor)

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