Keeping a fitness journal

Weight training journal tips

Whether you’re doing circuits or strength training keep a journal and make a note of the exercises you did, the weights you used, the sets and reps performed and how you felt. If your training session went really well, make a note of it to remind you to make your workout a little tougher (e.g. harder exercises, heavier weights) for the next workout session. If things weren’t so great, make a note to remind you to keep things the same or even make it a bit easier if necessary. Keep an eye on how many times you have repeated a particular workout and whether you are still making progress.

What to record in weight training journal:

  • Date and time of workout
  • Exercises done
  • Weight used for each exercise
  • Reps
  • Sets
  • Rest intervals taken between sets
  • How easy/ difficult it felt

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